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Popular Campaigns

Dance Project of Washington Heights - Giving T…

Tuesday 08:06AM PDT

Help us keep removing barriers - everyone should have access to dance education!

$18,711 Raised
194 Donors
$15,000 Goal

Shine for the Girls

Wednesday 12:38PM PST

A gift worth giving! Shine is providing girls (ages 8-18) with a FREE self-development program that equips them to become self-aware, resilient, and purposeful leaders.

$1,440 Raised
1 Donors
$6,700 Goal

Happily Ever After League Giving Tuesday 2018…

Monday 05:27PM PST

This campaign is to help raise funds to provide holiday gifts to an average of 80 kids this year whose mom has had a negative financial impact from a cancer diagnosis.

$550 Raised
6 Donors
$10,000 Goal

JLA Trust #GivingTuesday 2018

Wednesday 11:44AM PST

We are raising funds so we can grow and help more clients with disabilities. We offer affordable, easy-to-use pooled special needs trusts that lead to a high quality of life.

$401 Raised
9 Donors
$1,500 Goal

Helping Homeless and Disabled Veterans Phase1…

Monday 10:16AM PST

We are raising funds to buy the farm property. Donations will also go to phase one of renovating 3 homes to house the veterans. Please support our campaign to follow our progress and please share with friends.

$185 Raised
6 Donors
$75,000 Goal

Kids In Focus Giving Tuesday Campaign

Tuesday 06:02PM PST

Your donation will give at-risk kids the chance to see themselves and the world in a new light, equipping them with essential life skills to make the shift from surviving to thriving.

$100 Raised
1 Donors
$10,000 Goal

Newest Campaigns

End of Year 2018

Tuesday 10:26AM PST

Everyone needs to plan for the future, but even more so for families raising a child with special needs. Our new LIFE planning provides a comprehensive, person-centered approach that will create a roadmap for the future.

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Support my Family

Thursday 11:35AM PST

I'm raising money to support my family and for my studies.In this tough time everyone over here is my hope please help me as much as u can your help will be highly appreciated.

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$3,000 Goal

Dream Career (Music Producer)

Wednesday 09:14PM PST

I am raising money for music producing equipment. I am already familiar with the platforms .People laughs at a person who says they want to do music as a career, because no one thinks they will make it until they do...

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$1,200 Goal

Relief of disaster

Tuesday 01:29PM PST

Raise the needed for the needed.

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$99,999,999 Goal

Project Dignity

Wednesday 07:49AM PST

Fill a Heart 4 Kids is raising money to feed unaccompanied homeless youth in the Chicagoland area. Each $5 donation gets a child of the streets to warm up and eat with dignity - 4 times!

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$20,000 Goal

Bully Awareness in local communities and schoo…

Monday 03:36PM PST

This fundraiser is being raised to provide a stronger Bullying Mentorship. We understand the benefits of mentoring young people when we hear the powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a sin

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$1,000 Goal

Give Up Tue Give Back

Monday 05:48PM PST

We are raising money for our Scholarship Award for Volunteer Excellence (SAVE). This awards South Jersey high school Seniors, who have shown commitment to volunteering in their community.

$0 Raised
0 Donors
$850 Goal